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We can help you with the legal side of your property sale or purchase, remortgage, lease extension or equity transfer. If you are buying a property, we can also help you arrange a survey that's most suited to the property you are purchasing.

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All Fridaysmove solicitors work on a fixed fee basis, and offer a no completion, no fee guarantee if the transaction falls through - for whatever reason.

We are clear about the costs - your quote will include a mention of third party fees.

HomeBuyer Survey

Fridaysmove works with surveyors across England and Wales who are qualified to carry out HomeBuyer and Building Surveys, as well as Property Valuations Reports. A local surveyor and a quick turnout guaranteed.
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Residential Conveyancing

Take some of the stress out of buying or selling a property. The solicitors we work with have fixed fees, and can also help if you’re looking to remortgage, extend your lease or arrange a transfer of equity.
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Commercial Conveyancing

If you are buying or selling commercial property, or need a legal professional to help with the creation or transfer of the commercial lease, we can help.

What type of survey should you get?

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Conveyancing FAQs

What are conveyancing searches when buying a property?

Searches are enquiries submitted to various authorities which provide you with more information about the property you plan to purchase.

Is my property freehold or leasehold?

When buying a new home, you need to check whether it is a leasehold property or freehold property. Many home buyers do not understand the difference.

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This simple guide helps you understand those hidden charges so you can easily compare Conveyancing Quotes and choose the best deal.


There are a number of different classes of title and it is important to know what each of them mean and whether they will pose any problems when applying to register a transfer of ownership.

Survey FAQs

Should I get a property survey?

Technical the word 'Conveyancing' refers to the legal process of transferring ownership (or 'title') when buying and selling property.

Which survey should I get for the property I am buying?

There are three main types of home buyers survey, the HomeBuyer Report, the Building Survey and the Property Valuation Report. Each of these has a different focus, so buyers should consider which of the three is the right choice for them.

What is a mortgage valuation survey?

A mortgage valuation survey is commissioned by the lender in order to establish whether the property being purchased will be adequate security for the amount of the loan.


According to RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors), 25% of home buyers who do not carry out a Home Buyers Survey are forced to carry out unplanned works to the property after purchase.

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